The television networks roll out their fall schedules and ABC decides to remake (or, as the kids call it these days, reboot) 80’s one-season wonder V.

Heather Havrilesky at Salon is excited.

My favorite? A reinvention of the 1983 miniseries "V" (Remember the alien baby bursting out of the woman’s stomach?) in which aliens invade the world and their initially friendly intentions are eventually revealed to be nefarious. Now, admittedly, pretty much anything apocalyptic gets my vote, at least at the outset: "Invasion," "Jericho," "Heroes," "24.” As long as the general populace is threatened, panicking and/or hiding out in bunkers, I’m on board. That said, the clips for this one look awesome: Aliens arrive, but they’re totally friendly and cooperative! The world rejoices! Then, just as a journalist (played by Scott Wolf from "Party of Five") is about to interview a friendly alien in human form, she menacingly (but politely) instructs, "Just remember not to ask me anything that might portray us in a negative light." Ominous, but subtle.

Over at National Review and Big Dumb Hollywood they must be piddling themselves in anticipation because this sounds just like the Obamabots who have taken over the world with their hopey-changey ways ("The world rejoices!") but deep down they’re actually socialistislamolizards who have cowed the media. Sure V: 2009 is coming out of Hollywood where everyone is a rich Communist who spends their days doing drugs and having abortions but, as BigDumbHo is always telling us, Tinsel Town is chock full of closet conservatives whose only artistic recourse is to get the word out in subtle ways, much like all of those sneaky conservative rock stars. For the conservative culture consumer, it is their job to  read between the lines and then  selectively choose disassociated words  and re-string  (or reboot) them together in such a way that the revealed supersecret message  reaffirms their worldview.

One more thing to keep you up at night: since Andrew McCarthy still hasn’t seen Barack Obama’s birth certificate, who is to say that Obama is not the Lizard King?

Yeah. Creepy, isn’t it?



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