PridePsalm: a hymn for our struggle

In 1990, during my fervent Christic phase, these lyrics with an up-tempo revival beat poured out of me one night, along with two other verses which escape memory.  No telling where the original scrawl is, but I offer these words to all who embrace the theology and the gift of their sexuality in the face of bigotry.
For so long I lived
in the shadows of my life
Darkness had overcome the day
Now I know my sweet liberty and light
As I proclaim to all “Thank God, I'm Gay!”
Thank God I'm Gay
Thank God i'm Gay
 for God alone has brought me to this day
Thank God I'm Gay
Thank God I'm Gay 
and by my saviour's side I'm gonna stay 
When I'm confronted by new Pharisees and lies
telling me my way of love's not pure
Jesus shows me way up beyond that skies
that I've a home with him safe and secure! 
(c) David Phillips 

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