I am interested in the process of penance. The Catholics refer to the common brand as "Imperfect Contrition," which means I fear not the sin but the hairy hand of hell.

Some drunken slob spews his anti-Semitic blather at a cop, and the next day his publicist publishes the standard order form apology. If that doesn’t do it, he flamboyantly claims the Rehab ticket. But first he grabs an attention whore (called a Sharpton) from the maligned group to pose for pictures standing beside him.

Are we idiots to presume that he is no longer a slimy racist simply because he’s done the traditional celebrity three-stepper?

There is a long-range version, meant for history and the progeny. After the current events be no longer remembered by contemporaries, as they are gone or forgetful, enter the family and friends for a massive rewrite. It’s hard to imagine how the handlers of the worst twit of the most disastrous blunders in our history might even attempt to exhume the rep of the Crawford Cretin, but rest asssured they have millions concentrating at that Rehab unit at SMU in Dallas for the attempt.

And so enter the son of Dalton Trumbo on another channel to boost the glory of his father. The senior Trumbo was one of the Hollywood Ten, those intrepid screenwriters who defied the malicious and malodorous HUAC inquisiters and saved us forever from a tyranous suppression of civil liberties generally and Hollywood writers in particular. He also performed wonders for the cause of Pacifism with his novel "Johnny Got His Gun," which became a staple by left-leaning profs forever to instruct on the utter horror of war.

It is altogether fitting and proper sons should uphold the honor of the fathers. I do it, too (although I might be a little more critical than the sons of the Rosenbergs or Alger Hiss). And in this profile of Dalton Trumbo, something is indeed missing.

Serialized in the Daily Worker in March 1940, the book became "a rally point for the political left" which had opposed involvement in World War II during the period of the Hitler-Stalin pact. Shortly after the 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union, Trumbo and his publishers decided to suspend reprinting the book until the end of the war. After receiving letters from individuals requesting copies of the book, Trumbo contacted the FBI and turned these letters over to them. Trumbo regretted this decision, which he called "foolish," after two FBI agents showed up at his home and it became clear that "their interest lay not in the letters but in me". – Wikipedia

Mr Trumbo was a lifetime Communist, unapologetic division. His writings of the era market the 180 degree twists ordered from Moscow to reflect "No American Boys in Foreign Wars" in the era of the Nazi-Soviet Pact and then after Hitler’s invasion of Russia in 1941 the party line became "Second Front." While the most ardent Stalinists were blissfully and willfully ignorant of the true nature of Stalinism, it is hard in these times to equate a follower of a psychopath responsible for upwards of thirty million deaths with "Pacifism."

But that’s the chore of the progeny, and it works, as you will see from the comments of the Blog post I referenced up there. The JC Eng Lit stoonts remember the assignment of the novel and it was dreadful but they are glad to have read it because it lights up the world to the horror the horror. I myself entered a comment in that thread, but it was contested then ignored in the general hubub of support and nurturing for Truth and Justice.



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