Because we could all use some good news:

Capital Metro Transit in Austin, Texas is putting mobile WiFi hotspots on its buses.  This is just so unspeakably cool.

— Speaking of mobile WiFi hotspots:  You can turn your car into one.  Seriously.   (If soldering irons frighten you, and you want something that isn’t tethered to a car, there’s now the Novatel MiFi.)

— Habitat for Humanity is increasing its involvement with renewable energy.  The latest news?  Five families in Tempe, Arizona will have solar power systems courtesy of American Solar and Kyocera installed in their new Habitat homes.  The systems won’t provide all of the power the new homes will use, but they will take a sizeable load off of the local power grid, especially during peak usage times.

— Thin-film solar cells versus conventional solar cells:  Which is better?  The answer (or answers)  may be forthcoming, as a conventional and a thin-film solar installation are now working side by side in the San Joaquin Valley.  Data on the two systems will be used to determine future applications for thin-film solar, which is considerably cheaper to make than are conventional solar panels.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman