It’s a holiday weekend, so let’s keep this short:

Here’s something to leave you shaken, or at least stirred.

Bond. Kit Bond.

This man is a US Senator.

You feel like this story is dead already (this clip is two days old)—what with the rest of the media-scape finally catching up to Marcy, understanding that Pelosi was misled lied to by CIA briefers—but mark my hastily typed words, as long as men like Kit Bond are afforded a position of supposed authority, and as long establishment outlets continue to evaluate their reporters and their reportage on the “he said, she said,” seniority-over-substance scale, guys like this, with talking points like these, will continue to flourish. . . .

At least until the Elephants gather again in that famous big tent of theirs and realize that making Nancy Pelosi the story in 2009 is working about as well for them as it did in 2006.

But Wednesday was then—Friday is now! As you wind down for a long weekend, or wind up watching a bunch of talking heads on Sunday, surely you have other ridiculous Republicans on your mind.

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Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine