Barbarians at the Dippin’ Dots

The other day Hip-Hop Happenin’ Michael Steele  went Full Metal Nat Turner and declared that from now on he’s not taking shit from "the man" and from this day forward, well,  things are going to change. And, by change, he obviously meant recycling the famous LBJ daisy ad to attempt to scare the bejeebers out of simple hard-working white folks like himself.

The RNC is launching a Web ad on Friday highlighting Democrats’ divisions over the future of Guantanamo Bay, ABC News has learned.

The ad intersperses video from one of the most famous and controversial political ads of all time — Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad from the 1964 presidential campaign against Barry Goldwater.

“To close it? To close it not?” a voice asks several times, with video playing of the little girl from the LBJ ad.

The ad shows several clips of Democrats — including Obama, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. — contradicting each other over what the fate of Guantanamo should be.

The Web ad fades with a single word on the screen: “Really?”

It does not include the famous mushroom cloud ending.

You’ll notice that it’s a web only ad since the RNC doesn’t give Michael any walking around money because he just blows it hiring his friends and so he’s reduced to putting up videos on YouTube like a thirteen year-old experimenting with iMovie and a Katy Perry song.

As someone who remembers the original daisy ad my first impression was that they were trying to make the point that, if we incarcerated the terrorists in our SuperMax prisons (which, by the way, are easier to get of than jury duty), the terrorists will be making dirty bombs in their cells using a paperclip, a bandanna, and some pruno just like MacGyver would.  But, no, now the terrorists are going to come to our American prisons, get weekend furloughs, hit the mall, and knock-up our daughters, so we should be really really afraid. 

I find this less convincing than the paperclip/bandanna/pruno  scenario, but then I’m not part of the Fox News demographic.

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