Your weekly Creed warning. The new album:

Stapp says Creed came up with the song "Full Circle" during its first session playing together and hope to release that track as the album’s first single, perhaps by late June. Other pending song titles include "A Thousand Faces," "Slow Suicide" and "Don’t Give Up," and the frontman says there’s "a lot of reflection" in the new material, much of which focuses on the "resolution" Stapp and his bandmates have found between each other and in their own lives.

"It’s not a hopeless, complaining record," Stapp says. "It’s telling stories, but it’s also rocking out, man. We’re rocking harder now with some of the songs than we ever have. It’s from a different place and a different type of reflection and a different level of maturity, but we’re a rock band, so there’s still that brashness. There’s a confidence and a swagger that I think we only feel collectively. Our music is fresh and still very connected to who we are and the sound we have, but it’s also taken a natural evolution."

I swear to Jeebus, if I didn’t know any better I would have sworn that that quote came from Spinal Tap.

Save me, iPod!:
Oh Nina – The Muffs
Do You Understand – Apples In Stereo
For What It’s Worth – Buffalo Springfield
Walkin’ With A Mountain – Mott the Hoople
Exile – Girls Against Boys
Living In Fame – The Clash
All Wrong – Morphine
Machine Gun – Jimi Hendrix
Graveyard Shift – Uncle Tupelo
Disorder and Dissarray– Rancid
and one more to make the bad Creed go away:
Dirty Dancehall – The Zutons

…and this is awesome old footage from 1989



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