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Lawrence O’Donnell’s Response to ‘Dick’ Cheney’s AEI Speech-(Thank you, Lawrence – MWAH!)

Anyone frustrated? Disgusted? Angry? Well, you have nuthin’ on Lawrence O’Donnell. Today he said what many of us wish we could have said on National TV.

And Andrea fed him more ammunition.

And Buchanan? He’s the kid saying, "got that?", after his bully buddy walks away. With a bloody nose. Right, Pat.
Maybe Buchanan needed to get the last word in because he is still smarting from the beating O’Donnell gave to him last month when Buchanan insisted on eviscerating facts and misrepresenting history, just as quickly and cheaply as Cheney does. Lawrence was right there, to keep on the record just how incorrect and manipulative they both are. I believe the word is ‘liars’.

But Lawrence says it better than I ever could.
Wow. Just Wow.

Thanks Lawrence, what kind of cookies do you want sent to your office? Lifetime supply, no problem. I think you already have a copy of The Constitution.

Thanks, TPM, I looked all over the MSNBC site for this, should have known you would have it posted.
(Edited it-I posted the link in a hurry and added to it later, after I found last month’s link.)

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