The Fox Snooze,sterling 10,000,000.00 $ prized mouthpiece,who as the story goes,picked religion over boooooooooze years ago to OPINE batshit crazy RIGHT WING theory’s,inspiring nut cases to go out and KILL PEOPLE (cops as i recall); has never left the sauce.

In his own words yesterday,after being smacked down by Whopi and Barabara on the VIEW;where Whopi called him a "Lying sack of dog mess"(too kind in my estimation)Beck accidently let the pussy out of the bag.

Beck took leave of his show thusly:

BECK: What kind of person would go on national radio and say he introduced himself or they introduced themselves to him when, indeed, the truth, your honor, is that he introduced himself to them?

NAPOLITANO: Oh, boy. are you going to be back tomorrow, big guy?

BECK: I’m going to hang up the phone, take a little more Nyquil so I can rest medicine.

YES FRIENDS ,he is a NyQuil addict/user…NyQuil that is 20% alcohol

almost hysterically funny if real people didnt go out and hunt other human beings,being egged on by this cheap drunk nutcase. En mass,we need to write to the media and expose this well LYING SACK OF DOG MESS…ht Whopi