Justice Department to Widen Health-Care Fraud Investigation

Source: Washington Post

"The Obama administration today announced it would expand Justice Department health-care strike forces to Detroit and Houston, part of a broader commitment to root out fraud in Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius appeared at Justice Department headquarters in Washington to announce the move, which they portrayed as an effort to rein in fraud, waste and abuse in the taxpayer-funded programs. Medicare and Medicaid spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually on health care for the elderly, disabled and poor.

Health-care fraud is among the top enforcement priorities of the new team at the Justice Department, which is working closely with the inspector general at HHS and the FBI to collect and analyze computerized information about fraudulent claims.

As part of the effort, authorities this afternoon launched a new task force, the Health Care Enforcement Action Team, to be led by senior officials at Justice and HHS.

"With this announcement, we raise the stakes on health-care fraud," Holder said."

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Mr,Obama and company are looking WILLFULLY OBTUSE

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