Today is the New York Statewide GENDA Call-in Day!

Please take a few minutes from your day to call New York Sen. Thomas Duane, the sponsor of GENDA in the Senate, along with your own senator, and ask them to please support equal protections by moving GENDA out of committee, onto the Senate floor and passing it into law. Talking points may be found at the site linked above, if you want them.

Senator Thomas Duane can be reached at 518.455.2451
Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith can be reached at 518.455.2701

The committee members that will have to vote for GENDA to get it onto the Senate floor:

Senator Craig Johnson can be reached at 518.455.2622
Senator Ruben Diaz can be reached at 518.455.2511 (Yes, that Ruben diaz)
Senator Pedro Espada Jr. can be reached at 518.455.3395
Senator Martin J. Golden can be reached at 518.455.2730
Senator Jeffrey D. Klein can be reached at 518..455.3595
Senator Michael F. Nozzolio can be reached at 518.455.2366
Senator William T. Stachowski can be reached at 518.455.2426
Senator George Winner can be reached at 518.455.2091

Please make at least one phone call to Sen Duane and your state senator. It's only a few minutes and can make the difference between getting equal protection or remaining powerless in the face of blatant discrimination in much of New York State. This year is our best chance to get this bill passed but it won't move unless we remind the Senate that marriage equality isn't the only vital issue for the GLBT community.

Thank you so much!

hugs & smiles

Emelye Waldherr

Emelye Waldherr