This struck me while listening to two extremely privileged individuals talking about “the hard work” of finding common ground on abortion.

I don't have any illusions that these people will ever see this, but let's see what's “hard work” and what's “easy work”:

Hard Work:

Working on a construction crew

Making vehicles


Caring for multiple children (in or out of the home)

Waiting tables


Easy Work:

Sitting in a comfortable room discussing contentious topics

Crafting legislation

Coming up with a glib answer for journalists

Telling other people how to raise their children


Clearly this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but some people need to get over themselves.  They are not doing “hard work”.  There is no “heavy lifting” when it comes to getting legislation passed.  You're doing an Easy Job.  Don't minimize the efforts of people that actually are doing hard work to justify being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to sit in a room drinking iced tea and making decisions that will impact directly the quality of life for the people that are working hard.




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