Israeli Children Yelling “Death to Arabs!”

I have been hearing horrendous stories about the way Palestinian and Palestinian Children are treated by Israeli settlers and Israeli soldiers for over 20 years from friends who have spent a great deal of time there. But as more Jewish Peace Groups and Jews are feeling outrage about the ongoing criminal and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians it is making it into the news far more. This is good news! Phillip Weiss has been demonstrating a serious commitment to truth and justice in the middle east. Go Phillip

If only the rest of the so called heavy hitting progressive bloggers (a few are) would express the same outrage.

Settlers, farmers, solders, internationals–Max Blumenthal reports from ‘Greater Israel’

On Saturday I traveled to the South Hebron Hills, to the Palestinian village of Safa, with an Israeli group called Ta’ayush that works to protect Palestinian farmers from settler violence and documents the proliferation of illegal settlements (Ta’ayush is Arabic for partnership). Things were peaceful when we arrived in the verdant grove of grape trees below Safa. A tractor plowed the land, a few farmers picked grape leaves, and the Ta’ayush activists greeted members of Anarchists Against the Wall, and the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) volunteers were already on the scene.

Within minutes, however, a group of settler children clad in white tsitsis assembled on the hill high above the valley, rolling tires down the hill and chanting in a single, piercing cry, "Death to Arabs!" The children were residents of Bet Ayn, one of the most fanatical Jewish settlements on the West Bank and home to a terrorist underground that planned to bomb a Palestinian girls’ school in Jerusalem. Recently a Palestinian resident of Safa killed a 13-year-old boy from Bet Ayn, setting off a series of violent reprisals that culminated when a masked mob of 30 settlers attacked two elderly farmers with clubs, breaking one man’s skull and seriously wounding the other. Since then, the farmers of Safa have been reluctant to work their fields without international and Israeli activists present.

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