‘Really With Aplomb’

Would you believe I was IMing with Hussein Ibish, senior fellow with the American Task Force on Palestine and a wise observer of all matters Arab-Israeli, about music and movies, and then suddenly we started talking about the Obama/Netanyahu meeting? I asked Hussein if I could print his thoughts, and so here they are. He starts out saying he was impressed by Obama’s performance at the presser.

Spencer Ackerman
i thought so too — disagreed without being disputatious, made it very clear that this is not a relationship of equals but still respectful

Hussein Ibish
all of that
and he hit all the notes I was looking for with precision
I was looking for 4 points
two-state commitment
settlements must stop
humanitarian needs in gaza
iran dimension, but not the way Netanyahu puts it – as an excuse – but as a reason for a deal
1-4, done!
and really with aplomb
I was delighted

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