Tonight Lisa Derrick hosts Laura Cohen (producer) and Joe Winston (director) of What’s The Matter With Kansas? Watch the trailer, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and join the discussion over at FDL tonight at 8pm ET.

What’s the Matter with Kansas?
plunges viewers into the heart of Middle America, which twice helped elect George W. Bush.

Angel Dillard helps run the most popular booth at the Kansas State Fair: Kansans For Life. She’s a lifelong Republican activist.

Brittany Barden is a tireless veteran of several rounds of Republican campaigns. Her mission is to return America to its roots as “a Christian nation.” She’s 18 years old.

Donn Teske describes himself as “a red-neck Kansas farmer.” He also says corporate greed is “not very Christian.” He fights to save his family farm and others like it.

Angel and Brittany both attend Terry Fox’s 6,000-member Immanuel Baptist Church in Wichita. Fox thunders from his pulpit denouncements of gay marriage, abortion and liberal politicians. He urges his flock to vote on the eve of the midterm elections.

Then, the winds of change blow across Kansas.

Terry Fox resigns his church and starts holding sermons at an amusement park. Will his flock remain faithful?

Kansas Republicans start to lose elections – will Brittany stay committed to the cause?

Donn gets invited to speak before Congress – what will he tell them?

Keep watching – you’ll be surprised who you’re rooting for…

Since graduating from Yale in 1988, Joe Winston has turned out a number of interesting films and videos. From 1989-93, his cable access TV series This Week in Joe’s Basement won two cable TV awards, national media attention, and a loyal late-night viewership. The show became so notorious that The Chicago Tribune assigned Joe to interview star Mike Myers about whether Wayne’s World was stolen from Joe’s Basement. In 1997, Winston’s documentary, The Burning Man Festival, won festival prizes in New York and San Francisco and aired on DRTV (Denmark) and Planete Multi-Thematiques (France.). Also an Emmy-nominated editor of television documentaries, Joe lives and works in Chicago.

Laura Cohen has been working in film and television for over ten years. Recently, she wrapped up production on the TV series American Greed for CNBC and 9/11’s Deadly Dust on A&E for Kurtis Productions. In 2005, she finished research for the PBS documentary The Power of Choice: The Life and Ideas of Milton Friedman. She has also taught creative writing in Chicago Public Schools.

What’s the Matter with Kansas? author THOMAS FRANK
A native Kansan now living in Washington, D.C., Thomas Frank is a contributing editor at Harper’s and the author of the book What’s the Matter with Kansas? It spent 37 weeks on the New York Times Best-Seller list and catapulted Thomas to national fame. His previous books include The Conquest of Cool and One Market Under God. His latest best-selling book is The Wrecking Crew.

(text shamelessly lifted from the FDL Book Salon page and the What’s The Matter With Kansas? website.)