Netanyahu meets with Obama today on middle east issues. Most of the news so far is not good. This morning on NPR they reported that Netanyahu is resisting any focus on a 2 state solution. That Netanyahu will be focused on pushing the "urgency" in regard to Israel and Aipac’s continued push for a confrontation with Iran.

Also heard a report on the BBC World News that Israel is presently pushing for the expansion of an illegal settlement.

From the AP
" By AMY TEIBEL, Associated Press Writer Amy Teibel, Associated Press Writer – Mon May 18, 9:42 am ET

WASHINGTON – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is signaling he may resist President Barack Obama’s pressure to support Palestinian statehood as the two leaders try to tackle an array of Mideast issues Monday on which they disagree.

A senior aide to Netanyahu, national security adviser Uzi Arad, suggested the Israeli leader might not yield to pressure from Obama for a two-state solution to the Middle East conflict. He also seemed to hint that Israel might consider military action against Iran when he said there was a "sense of urgency" in Israel over the Iranian nuclear threat.

Such rhetoric suggests diplomatic high stakes as the two men hold their first White House meeting against a backdrop of disagreement over several key issues: U.S. overtures to once-shunned Iran and Syria and pressure on Israel to support a Palestinian state."