Stephanie of Teablogging is being sued by teabagging Less Creepy Bill Whittle for going through public records and discovering that the erstwhile teabagger doesn’t like to pay his taxes until legal actions are taken against him.

You can read his complaint here (pdf).

Among other things in the complaint,  Leahy is apparently  touchy about being referred to as an "insane clown" as well as being identified as a "member of some alien race of Lizard People".

I.  Am. Not. Making. This. Shit. Up.

His blog is here.

To the best of my knowledge  Michael Patrick Leahy is neither a clown nor is he insane, additionally he is not a member of some alien race of Lizard People, nor does he enjoy letting other men dip their scrotums into his mouth in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.

He’s totally going to use me as a character witness.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....