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Evan Bayh, Big Oil and Coal’s Great White Hope, is Open for Business

Evan Bayh is once again going to act as Big Oil’s best friend in the Senate, refusing to commit to passing renewable energy standards.

As Yglesias notes, even Rich Boucher — who represents a coal-heavy Appalachian district that went 59% for McCain — is on board with Waxman’s compromises on the American Clean Energy and Security Act. But according to the Sierra Club’s Carl Pope, Bayh won’t support it in the Senate.

Why would that be?

Evan Bayh 2009 PAC Contributions From Energy Interests
Akin Gump PAC (lobbies for Shell, CF Industries) $2400
American Gas Association PAC $1000
Burlington Northern RAILPAC $1000
Chevron Employees PAC $2000
Day & Zimmerman PAC $2000
DLA Piper PAC (lobbies for Irving Oil) $5000
DJMJ Harris PAC $500
Dominion PAC $2500
Dow Chemical Company Employees PAC $1000
DTE Energy $1000
Duke Energy $2500
DuPont Good Government Fund $2000
Energysolutions, Inc. $1000
Entergy Corporation PAC $2000
Energysolutions, Inc. $1000
Ernst & Young (lobbies for Ford, AK Steel) $2500
Exelon PAC $2000
Energysolutions, Inc. $1000
Firstenergy Corp $1000
General Electric $1000
Monsanto $1000
National Petrochemical Refiners $1000
NiSource $2000
Nuclear Energy Institute Federal PAC $2500
Patton Boggs (lobbies for LA DWP) $5000
Edison POWERPAC $2000
Southern Company Employees $1000
Tesoro Petroleum $1000
The American Electric Power Committee $2500
Trucking Political Action Committee $1000
Vectren $2500
TOTAL $53,900

He also got individual contributions from lobbyists: $1000 from Tommy Boggs, $2000 from Kent Caperton (who lobbies for Weatherford International), $504 from Tom Crawford (lobbyist for EOnUS, formerly Louisville Electric), just to name a few.

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Jane Hamsher

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