National Reviews’s Kathryn Jean Lopez spent weeks trying to whip up some Catholic hysteria because President Blackamoor P. Satan was slated to give a commencement speech at Notre Dame STANDING ON A STAGE BUILT WITH THE BONES OF A MILLION ABORTED BABIES AND HANDING OUT DIPLOMAS MADE FROM THEIR SKIN!!!1!!…. but it looks like it didn’t catch fire:

Six in ten Americans continue to approve of how Barack Obama is handling his job as president — and despite the controversy over Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame on Sunday, Catholics have a high opinion of him, according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll.

According to the survey released Monday, there is virtually no difference between the views of Obama among practicing Catholics and Catholics who do not attend Mass regularly. Obama’s position on abortion has no effect on how most Americans — and how most Catholics — view Obama.

Sixty-two percent of Americans polled approve of Obama’s performance, and 35 percent do not approve. Among Catholics, the poll suggests 65 percent have a positive view of the job the president is doing, and 33 percent do not.


Does the president’s position in favor of abortion rights have an impact on the public’s perception of him? More than half the country says no. Fifty-seven percent of Americans say the president’s position has no effect on their view of him. Twenty-seven percent say it makes them feel less favorably about him, and 14 percent say it makes them feel more positively about him.

The results from U.S. Catholics are virtually identical to the rest of the population. Sixty-one percent say the president’s abortion views don’t have any impact on their view of him. Twenty-two percent say it makes them feel less favorably toward him, and 15 percent say it makes them feel more favorably.

Obviously this must make K-Lo very sad, probably even suicidal, but you know the Catholic church and their stoopid ole "no suicide" rules. Total buzz killers. And so Kathryn must go that special place of prayer and consolation and sanctuary: Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey.

Praise the Lord and pass the spoon.



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