“To God there is no zero. I still exist.”

Since I lack the I Loathe MoDo iBlogg app, I don’t really feel like joining the pile-on that will launch a thousand "This Is Why the New York Times Is Dying!!!" blog posts by Monday morning. Without knowing him, my thinking is that Josh Marshall will be very gracious and accept Dowd’s apology and we can get back to the important business of blaming Nancy Pelosi for not going Full Metal Pocahontas and throwing her body between the torturers and their victims.

In the meantime, the MoDo flap gives  Bill Kristol’s lapdog,  Michael Goldfarb, an opportunity to pose a profound and interesting question:

Imagine if Kristol had plagiarized a RedState post in his NYTimes column.

This must be what it felt like when man first conceived of the atom; that matter is made up of smaller units forming a greater whole. The idea that Bill Kristol could possibly lift something that was dumber and wronger than anything he could write or has written is to stare into the infinite abyss only to see Kristol smirky face staring back.

You can get dizzy just thinking about it.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....