Kagro Redux

Yesterday I started a Facebook fan page for Kagro X (David Waldman) after his masterful appearance on discussing torture. In the segment, he had to do battle with two wingnuts and a Center for American Progress staffer who said:

The American people right now are actually not interested in this sideshow and this discussion. The American people are interested in looking forward — nobody is concerned anymore with what the Bush administration was doing and did. We decided it was torture. Conservatives may or may not disagree. None of that matters at this point and time.

Glenn Greenwald followed up, and made a point that I want to echo — the Think Progress folks (the blog of CAP) have been doing an terrific job covering the torture debate, and this does not reflect on their fine work. But even though John Podesta has come out in favor of impeaching Bybee, I’m not aware of any public statement by a CAP representative that opposes the President and calls for criminal investigation into torture. This CNN comments, however, appears to be within the bounds of CAP’s position. There certainly hasn’t been any retraction.

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