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True Believers Lash Out at Latest Heretic to Escape Compound

picture-2.pngWith Obama’s selection of Republican Governor Jon Huntsman as Ambassador to China comes the ritualistic wingnut Two Minutes of Hate.

The Anchor Baby’s Boy:

And to think, some people accuse centrist Republicans of being Democrats in disguise.

Various Freepage:

Sweet, maybe Utah can get a real conservative for a governour [sic] now, eh?

Jon Huntsman is one of the GOP “modernizers” who is constantly lecturing the party that we have to “moderate” and shift to the center. In my opinion, good riddence [sic].

Utah will be better off. China seems like the perfect place to send him. Cuba would be good, as well.

Ace of Spades:

Given Huntsman’s desire to move the party along a more a squishy, moderate path on issues such as ‘cap and trade’, I think conservatives owe Obama a big thank you.

The Anchor Baby:

You know who won’t miss Huntsman? Tea Party protesters who booed him on Tax Day.


Big tent party!

The Palinite Dittoheads will not rest until the entire GOP is reduced to members of the Cheney family and Grover Norquist.

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Blue Texan