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Franken-Coleman Update, 05/16/09: Huh?

Well, Team Coleman has finally issued their reply (h/t to The UpTake for posting the PDF) to the devastating response of Team Franken’s to the Coleman appeal brief.    Guess what?  Team Coleman’s strategy with regard to the Franken brief is apparently to pretend it never happened, because their ‘reply’ doesn’t really address any of its arguments at all, but by and large simply restates their appeal brief, with a tossed-in plea for the Minnesota Supremes to punt the case back to a lower state court so that 4000-odd rejected ballots Coleman says should be counted can be added into the count.  (Mind you, these are all ballots that have been already rejected at least twice.)  I’m sure that this will go over like a lead balloon with the Soops.

Even funnier is that they actually are now making stuff up as they go along.  As The UpTake noted via Twitter, referencing a Coleman claim on page 14 of the document (page 20 in the PDF): "Coleman #mncontest brief claims lower court ‘changed the rules of the game’ (this is a game???)"  And:  "Note to Coleman on the #mncontest brief – Court did not change the rules, it followed the rules."  For a more thorough shredding of Coleman’s arguments, see the comments section of Eric Black’s MinnPost piece on the subject.

June 1 cannot come soon enough.

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