Digby’s Proposal for Getting Answers about Torture

Camp X-Ray Interrogation Facilities (h/t writingjulie)

Having a job that keeps me busy on Sunday mornings means that I rarely see the Sunday Talking Head productions in real time. Tomorrow’s shows will no doubt be filled with questions about torture, enhanced interrogation, and who knew what when — and I’ll have to miss them.

I’ll try not to cry too much about that.

My bet: there will be lots of smoke, but little of substance. OK, to be fair, I could probably make that prediction every week and not be wrong too often, but this week, I feel especially safe in making that bet.

But after reading this from Digby last night, I’d really like to see her on one of these shows. (That would, however, make working on Sunday morning tougher.)

I think she may be on to something, and would love to get Kit Bond’s reaction to her proposal. It’s not like we’re talking about someone saying "throw them in the ashes" or ordering them to "sit in the tub" after all.

But I still think this would be even better. Sadly, between my wishful thinking and Digby’s wishful thinking, I think she may have a better chance of seeing hers come to pass than I do.

(Jane’s wishful thinking, though, seems better than either mine or Digby’s — the fundraising drive to support Emptywheel’s work is now over $90,000! If you haven’t done so already, you can kick in to the fund here.)

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