I’m about three quarters of the way through Eric Boehlert’s excellent Bloggers on the Bus and I am struck by how little I knew about some of my fellow bloggers as well as the back-stories on quite a few of the events/controversies/kerfuffles over the past several years amongst the lefty savages. Part of the reason may be that I tend to skirt the perimeter of the lefty blogs while spending more of my time mucking about in the fever swamps of the right looking for the ridicule-worthy; that is my job… or so I am told. I’m not ashamed to admit that, while reading BOTB (soon to be as instantly recognizable as LOTR but with fewer hairy dorks speaking Elvish) I’ve had many  "I did not know that" moments. (Spoiler alert: Digby? Total chick. Not. A. Guy. Yuh-hunh. Swear to gawd).

All and all BOTB is a fascinating overview (without being too "inside baseball") of where lefty progressive dirty-fucking-hippy blogs came from, where they are now, and what the heck they had to do with getting that black guy elected President and getting the EmmEssEmm to, if not behave themselves, at least watch their ass(es). If you don’t buy a copy for yourself, you should consider buying  copies for your friends so they’ll understand why you spend so much time reading blogs while they’re looking at porn  stealing office supplies from work  having sordid affairs  twittering under the name KanyeWestForReals  spending time with their families. and enjoying God’s creation.

There are also lots of swearing included  in the book which I have always felt is the hallmark of fine fucking literature. That, and scratch-n-sniff*

* You can see why I’m never asked to provide back-cover blurbs. Elitist jerkoffs.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....