As pointed out by David Weigel, Saturday is the birthday of de birthin’ o’ dat whitey tape rumor by Larry Johnson.

On May 26, Johnson, for the first time publically, explained that he’d originally heard the story from "two friends," one a Democrat and one a Republican, who didn’t know each other, but each claimed to have seen the tape.

By this point, Johnson’s writing on the rumor was becoming the hub for a national game of telephone. The story had taken on a life of its own. Liberal blogs buzzed about the rumor; journalists swapped stories and second-hand info about whether the tape existed.

On May 30, Rush Limbaugh dropped a mention of the rumor of a tape that shows "Michelle going nuts in the church, too, talking about whitey this and whitey that." The next day Johnson promised "new and dramatic developments" to come on Monday morning. The day after Johnson’s "bombshell" post, Roger Stone appeared on Geraldo Rivera’s Sunday Fox News show and gave his own version of what he was hearing.

"There’s a buzz," Stone said, "which I believe now to be credible, that some indelible record exists of public remarks that Michelle Obama allegedly made, which are outrageous at best, but could be termed racist, including some reference to white people as whiteys, allegedly." NoQuarter bloggers Bud White and SusanUnPC used the Stone video as proof of the story’s veracity; NoQuarter even uploaded the segment onto YouTube.


"There is a recording of Michelle saying disparaging things about white people," he [Johnson] wrote. "A person who saw the tape said the word ‘whitey’ was used. I don’t know when or where she made the remarks. I do know that the Republicans who are circulating the tape don’t want this out until after the convention. Those are the facts as I know them from multiple sources who do not know each other. I stand by their accounts."

Obviously NOW would be a great time to release the tape. So, you know, we’ll wait.

In the meantime…..



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