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Whatever Happened to Richard Helms’ Niece?

This morning, Jane noted "the case of Richard Helms, the CIA intelligence officer convicted of lying to congress in 1977."

That reminded me…

Whatever happened to his niece (by marriage) Laila Helms? Back in 2001 the Afghan born American woman was the North American spooksperson for the Taliban.

Squiring Talibs like Mullah Omar’s right hand man around D.C. (nowhere special, just the CIA and the State Department), Houston (Unocal offices) and other stops on a whirlwind US tour; the usual for a regime that just distinguished itself by blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan…

Anyway, in September of that year, she became An Inconvenient Woman.

Since then, she seems to have disappeared. Somehow, I doubt she has quietly retired to her old life as a NJ soccer mom, although I suppose it is possible. Where is she? Anyone know where her husband and children are? Is Laila rotting away in some black site? Or is she comfortably stowed away at a ranch in Crawford or the Presidential palace in Kabul?

NYT Obit Richard Helms 2002

Village Voice Article about Laila pre 9/11

Village Voice Article about Laila post 9/11

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