Oh, and I was so excited.

Just a few minutes ago, I received a "tweet" shouting the glorious news that the California Supreme Court had overturned Proposition 8.

Except that … they didn't.


Turns out that the LA Times themselves posted a story from their very own paper that's exactly a year old – the one about the Supreme Court decision that started the whole Prop 8 mess.  And I, and many many others, fell for it.  And I sent out a LOT of "re-tweets" proclaiming the good news … and then, about five minutes later, went back and retracted them all, with sincere apologies.

So … here's the scoop:  Despite what you might have heard on Twitter or from a Tweeter, Prop 8 was not overturned today.  But neither was it validated.  No news is not necessarily good news, but neither is it too, too terrible.  If you hear that a decision has been made on Prop 8 one way or the other, the best place to go is http://www.latimes.com/prop8 … the most recent stories will appear at the top of the page.  Okay … as Ana Marie Cox just tweeted: 

PROP 8 HAS NOT BEEN OVERTURNED.  Please return to your normal jaded world view.

Still and yet, the adrenaline rush was worth it.  And, we still have Maine, and New Hampshire … A snapshot of the madness in the Twitterverse below the fold …





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