I didn’t have much luck yesterday when I asked CIA spokesman George Little to respond to former Sen. Bob Graham’s charge that the agency admitted inaccuracies in its timeline of when it briefed Congress on torture. Graham said that on Brian Lehrer’s radio show yesterday. Now he repeated the charge on MSNBC, saying that he went back to his famous notebooks — the guy has a compulsion to document everything — saw that he didn’t record three out of four briefings the CIA told him it held for him in 2002 about "enhanced interrogation" techniques and the agency corrected the error.

The CIA, when I asked them what were the dates the briefings took place, gave me four dates, and I went back to my spiral notebooks and a daily schedule I keep, and the F– and the CIA concurred that on three of those four dates there was no briefing held.

I asked Little again if he wanted to confirm or deny this and I’m waiting on a response. But it’s worth pointing out that when the CIA issued its briefing timeline — you can read it if you click through this Siobhan Gorman story at the Wall Street Journal — it only lists one briefing for Graham, held on September 27, 2002. That would seem to corroborate his story, on the face of it.

Oh, and Graham continues to back Rep. Nancy Pelosi by saying that he wasn’t told that the CIA waterboarded Abu Zubaydah or any other detainee.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman