A Press TV report at the above link on Information Clearing House, 5/10/09, discloses disturbing details as to the use of exorbitant amounts of international aid coming from U.S. (our tax dollars), Britain and other Western countries to support Afghanistan, presumably for such necessities as roads, dams and electricity. It is instead being used for "logistics and administration" — a whopping 90% of it — estimates Ramazan Bashardost, an Afghan parliament member and former planning minister.

But when the money comes to Afghanistan, it’s spent on those people who have cars costing USD 60,000 and who live in houses with a USD 15,000 monthly rent.

Torialai Bahadery, the director of Property Consulting Afghanistan discloses:

I have just rented out this building for USD 30,000 a month to an aid organization. It was so expensive because it has 24 rooms with en-suite bathrooms as well as armored doors and bullet-proof windows.

The article points out that 77% of Afghanistan people don’t have clean water which illuminates the degree of luxury of these private bathrooms, etc.

According to TV Press, stunning amounts of money are being spent on construction in districts within Kabul, the capital city, to ensure palatial comfort for Western "officials." Some foreign consultants are pulling in salaries of between $250,000 to $500,000. Factor this against an Afghanistan agricultural budget for 850,000 farmers of $40,000, which the article points out would enable a consultant’s stay for only a few months. Also factor this against a country that is ranked 174th out of 178th by the U.N. in terms of wealth.

Finally factor in, as the article points out, that poverty is a profound force pushing young Afghan men to work for the Taliban.

And we ask, "Why do they hate us?" We certainly make it easy, even those over there sans guns and bombs.