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Marcy Wheeler Wins Hillman Award, Gets NOI $5000 Matching Grant


Today, the Sidney Hillman Foundation announced that Marcy Wheeler received the prestigious Hillman Award for her investigative work:

Just last month, Marcy Wheeler made the front page of the New York Times after she became the first person to notice that a newly-released Justice Department memo revealed that Khalid Sheik Mohammed had been waterboarded 183 times in one month. Last year, Wheeler’s groundbreaking investigative work on the CIA leak case also made the front page of the Times. Her early and powerful reporting about malfeasance by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales helped to propel him out of the Bush administrations. And her live blogging from the Scooter Libby trial in 2007 is widely regarded as one of the seminal moments in online journalism. Wheeler also produced outstanding coverage of the American auto industry crisis. Combining her background in the industry with a deep commitment to American workers, her depth of analysis was unrivaled.

Other recipients include Jane Mayer for her book The Dark Side, and New York Times journalist Steve Greenhouse.

We’re really proud that others are noticing the value Marcy’s work. The New Organizing Institute, which does great work training progressives in online organizing techniques and runs the terrific Roots Camps, will match any donation made today up to a total of $5000 to the Marcy Wheeler Fund.

Any donation you make today will be matched by NOI up to $5000, so for every $1 you give, the Marcy fund will get $2. So, if you were thinking of a good way to congratulate Marcy on her award and support her ability to keep doing what she’s doing, donating today will do double duty.

Donate to the Marcy Wheeler Fund

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Jane Hamsher

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