Hunting For A Kitty Dukakis Moment

After Philip Zelikow advocates closing Guantanamo Bay, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) — who, earlier in the hearing, praised President Obama for his “responsible view” about Guantanamo — tries to bait Zelikow with a question about Guantanamo’s “recidivism rate.” (The implication being the Bush Pentagon let dangerous terrorists out of Guantanamo to immediately return to the fight, so we have to keep the facility open.)

“There are no reliable statistics on the recidivism rate” at Guantanamo, Zelikow replies, and allows that there are indications that some unknown number of them have returned to fight. Isn’t that a “miscarriage of justice” then, Graham asks?

“Not necessarily,” Zelikow replies.

“What if it was your son or daughter?” Graham demands? How would he feel then?

Zelikow says he wouldn’t feel any different than when a parolee commits a crime. Graham meekly drops the point.

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