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Glenn Beck Sums up Republican Base Reaction to Charlie Crist: “BARF”

Gov_charlie_crist.jpgIt’s starting to look like the GOP’s leaders actually care about winning elections, but unfortunately for them, their wingnut base still wants to double down on the crazy.

Members of GOP establishment were quick to publicly back Crist, who they rightly believe has the best chance of keeping the seat in Republican hands. But the speed with which the NRSC and the Minority Leader stepped in on behalf of the big-footing current Governor left a bad taste in some folks’ mouths and helped solidify the story line of a David vs. Goliath ideological struggle.

Teabagger Erick Erickson says that "getting behind Crist in the Florida primary is wholly unacceptable" and has started a Facebook group protesting the NRSC.

First they supported Chafee.

Then they supported Specter.

Now they support Crist.

I pledge to give no money, no support, no aid, and no help at all to the efforts of the NRSC.

The Anchor Baby’s boy hissed,

Crist openly supported the Porkulus plan, which would have put him with Arlen Specter, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins as the only Republicans in Congress who did.

And Glenn Beck’s angry 3:00AM tweet says it all:

Charlie Crist, just what we need, a "soft" "friendly" moderate GOP member…. BARF

Big tent party!

I look forward to watching the wingnutosphere throwing gobs of money down the toilet in support of the likes of Marco Rubio (Crist’s right-wing opponent) and Club-for-Growther Pat Toomey.

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