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Well Is It Or Isn’t It

If you couldn’t find the time to read Siun’s posting "Did US Forces Use White Phosphorus in the Afghan Bombings?" about the use of White Phosporus in Afghanistan and Irak it’s well worth your while doing so today. If he had done so David Swanson would probably be less confused about what can be done to brown people that is harsh enough. David understands that crushing their testicles is fine, according to John Yoo, (if POTUS orders it) . He understands that it’s not torture to actually kill scarey frightening brown Muslim people by going a little too far when you’re waterboarding them — it’s murder. But he’s confused about the whole white phosphorous situation, he wants to know whether melting the skin off children qualifies as torture.

if we drop white phosphorous on people in Iraq and now possibly in Afghanistan too, and we melt the skin off men, women, and children, but we aren’t "interrogating" them, is it still potentially a not-nice thing to do?

Source: Does Melting the Skin Off Children Qualify As Torture? |

That’s a damn good question wouldn’t you say?


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