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New York Assembly Debate on the Bill A07732

I can't say that it is something unusual. It's got its @ssholes. But it also has its heroes.

I want to give the funniest speech prize to the Republican, The Honorable Joel M. Miller of Poughkeepsie. The winning phrase – “I know the Inquisition for some people was a lot of fun!”

The “Cares for children” award goes to The Honorable Alan Hevesi (D) who has stated that now this law is a real concern for him, as he does not want his child (his wife is preggers) entering the world with him knowing that the child might be treated differently.

The Honesty award goes to The Honorable Janet L. Duprey (R) of Clinton and Franklin Counties, The Honorable Sandra R. Galef (D) of parts of Westchester and Putnam, and Fred W. Thiele, Jr of Suffolk County (R), who both have read a lot on the issues, met with their constituents, and changed from support for civil unions to full support of marriage. Ms. Duprey's speech really left my eyes watering.

The Courage award goes to The Honorable Joseph R. Lentol of Brooklyn (D) and Frank K. Skartados who are unafraid to support the bill despite the opposition to it of the majority of his constituents.

John J. McEneny of Albany County get the “Progress Marches On” award for his strongly-worded speech on the change in society and the separation of church and state: “Matthew Shepard was lynched, they just didn't use the rope.”

Jose Rivera (D) of Bronx gets the “Most Heartfelt Speech” award for marriage equality!

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