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Frontier IN L.A.: "Transgender Blogger Covers Trial of Transgender Teen's Murderer"

For those who are interested, I’ve had the first piece I’ve ever written for a hard copy publication published this week. It’s my first hard copy byline.

Frontiers IN LA Magazine Cover - Volume 28 Issue 1The electronic copy of Frontiers IN L.A. Magazine has been published this week as well, and you can read the piece that their headline writer entitled Transgender Blogger Covers Trial of Transgender Teen’s Murderer.

As it’s written for Frontier IN L.A., I won’t quote the piece here – you can read it all in entirety there. It’s a piece about what it was like to be a transgender new media reporter/blogger covering the Angie Zapata Hate Crime Murder Trial, and what I took away from the experience.

Having a first piece published in hard copy media is certainly a milestone, for sure, but like so much involved with the Angie Zapata murder, my feelings are bittersweet. I feel proud that my work is now of a quality that it’s good enough for the mainstream of the LGBT community, but this is not the kind of article I wanted published first.

Instead of feeling pleasure in having a hard copy published piece, I feel a wrenching anguish. This is not exactly the experience I expected to have if this first was ever to occur for me.

It’s, of course, that my feelings are about missing Angie, the young trans woman I never met. I would much, much rather still be waiting to have that first, hard copy published piece than have it be this one; I would much, much rather she be alive and unknown to me than have my covering of the trial of her convicted, bias crime murderer be the subject of my first mainstream lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender media piece.


H/t: Karen Ocamb, News Editor for Frontier IN L.A.

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