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Obama Cuts Abstinence-Only Funding, Infuriates Wingnuts

just-say-no.thumbnail.jpgThat howling you hear is coming from the throats of outraged abstinence-only non-sex-education welfare recipients program managers, who just had their Federal gravy train taken away from them after years of Federally-subsidized uselessness courtesy of George W. Bush.

As you may remember, Bush pumped hundreds of millions every year into abstinence-only "sex education" programs, despite ever-mounting evidence that they do nothing to lower teen pregnancy rates. Now, Bush’s successor, Barack Obama, has decided to stop throwing good money after bad — and The National Abstinence Education Association started howling immediately (h/t Amplify Your Voice):

Today’s release of the 2010 Budget by the White House disregards the growing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of abstinence education. Unfortunately, the president’s budget ignores research that documents a 50% decrease in sexual onset among teens that are enrolled in abstinence programs.


"With seemingly plausible intentions, this budget places rhetoric over reality by ignoring clear and compelling evidence that abstinence education *does* work", adds Huber.

Except that there’s no evidence it does — and lots and lots of evidence to show it doesn’t. And you don’t even need to see the case of Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s daughter and a teen who was taught abstinence-only programming and who went on to become an unwed mother anyway, to see that. However, as Joe over at Amplify Your Voice warns, this doesn’t mean they won’t stop pushing it — especially to Congress. If you want to push back, click here and tell your congresscritters to back Obama’s decision to stop throwing hundreds of millions each year down a rathole.

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