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"Kaaaahn!" Oops! I Mean "Spoooock!"

My activist friend Allyson is “So. Freaking. Jealous.” My friend Jayna (of Trans-Ponder) wants to see pictures. So, “we” are showing photos of Autumn as a Trekkie seeing the New Star Trek movie (in IMAX!).  

Autumn As A Trekkie Geek - At New Star Trek Film

Autumn As A Trekkie Geek Close Up - At New Star Trek Film

I’m not really thrilled with how wrinkly I look in the close-up, by the way. I feel like I’m getting way too old! (AUUUUGH!)

And, you can’t see ’em, but I was definitely wearing the requisite black boots; I had to wear the black boots to complete the “Star Trek Cheerleader Outfit” {as Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi of Next Generation) describes the mini-skirted Star Trek outfits}.

And too, I wanted to yell “Kaaaaaaaaaaahn!” right before the new Star Treck movie began — in honor of my favorite Star Trek movie — but my friend Vicki, whom I saw the new Star Trek movie with (and who took the photos in this diary), said “No no no, Autumn!” So, my “Kaaaaaaaaaaahn!” yelling plan was nixed.

But anywho, the new Star Trek movie was awesome! I really recommend it whole heartedly! — even for folks who aren’t trekkies. The new Spock is simply the ginchiest.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen