Terrorists are like Hannibal Lecter times infinity!!!

Omigawd! They’re IN THE HOUSE!!!! Get OUT!!!

The NiteLite faction of the Republican party is trying to keep terrorists from moving into THE FORECLOSED HOUSE RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO YOU!:

Republicans are trying several tactics to prevent detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, from reaching the United States, introducing legislation aimed at stopping the transfer of terrorists and offering amendments to an emergency war funding bill to deny funding for closing the facility.

Republican leaders accuse President Obama of endangering American lives by calling for Gitmo to be closed without a plan as to where the detainees will go next.

Because Obama is just going to close Gitmo, fly the terrorists to Miami and leave them milling around the airport drinking coffee and reading Twilight books while the administration goes to the Alamo counter and tries to get upgraded to minivans to haul them away to a Hampton Inn where they will totally be grounded and have to stay in their rooms. No swimming pool. No Spectravision. No minibar. Because they have been naughty naughty terrorists.

Since the Republican legislation is profoundly stupid you have to figure that someone at The Weekly Standard is all for it. Michael Goldfarb, naturally:

The Keep Terrorists Out of America Act

It’s a great name for a bill, and it will make great fodder for 2010 campaign ads — who wants to be the guy who voted against keeping terrorists out of America?

So, you see, it’s not really about keeping scary brown people out of America, so much as a Republican grand plan for re-seizing the controls of America; the same America they crashed and burned during the last eight years. On the other hand, with the terrorists in America we can go to Goldfarb’s house, hold flashights under our chins, and scream "Allahu Akbar!" while banging on his bedroom window. The fun begins when his mom comes in and yells at him while she changes the bed  and he goes to put on some dry Underoos.

Good times. Good times.

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