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Actor David Ogden Stiers comes out of the closet looking for love

What?!?  Major Charles Emerson Winchester III from M*A*S*H is gay?  Has anyone told Senator Lindsey Graham?  We can’t have Chuck peeking at Hawkeye and BJ in the camp showers, can we?  (Gasp!)  BJ!  Oh, dear, I never thought of it before!  A gay Bostonian and a guy named BJ sleeping in the same tent!  Aiiee!  I didn’t ask, so don’t tell!  /snark

(Gossip Boy) GB: You are over 66 years old, so why have you waited so long to confirm what many in Hollywood always knew about you?

DOS: There are two reasons really. One is that I enjoy working and even though many have this idealistic belief that the entertainment industry and studios like Walt Disney are gay friendly. For the most part they are, but that doesn’t mean for them that business does not come first. It’s a matter of economics. Most of my more notable work in the last two decades has been as a voice actor. Certainly, I’ve done television appearances, be they recurring or guest roles, and numerous motion picture and documentary stints, but a lot of my income has been derived from voicing Disney and family programming. What they might allow in a more known actor, they prefer not having to deal with in minor players.

DOS: …I wish to spend my life’s twilight being just who I am. I could claim noble reasons as coming out in order to move gay rights forward, but I must admit it is for far more selfish reasons. Now is the time I wish to find someone and I do not desire to force any potential partner to live a life of extreme discretion with me.

GB: So you’re looking for a potential partner. Any one in mind or do you have a general description?

DOS: Someone both mature and youthful. Who has a good sense of who they are and where they are heading. They need to appreciate the finer things in life, as over the years I’ve developed certain tastes. The more lusty side of me seeks a man with developed arms, as that has always appealed to me.


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