The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!

Sean Hannity is a regular guy just like you… if you make $20+ million dollars a year.

When Sean Hannity wants a burger he makes his own. He pulls up to a pasture, selects a cow, head-butts it, strangles the stunned animal WITH HIS BARE HANDS, rips a chunk of meat from the still warm body WITH HIS BARE HANDS, throws into a fire he has made by rubbing two sticks together WITH HIS BARE HANDS, pulls the smoldering burnt flesh from the fire WITH HIS BARE HANDS, and then rips at it with his sharpened incisors. He doesn’t need a bun. Buns are for pussies. He then takes the bloody skin that he has torn WITH HIS BARE HANDS from the carcass of his bovine feast  and drapes it over his shoulders and drives home where he fucks Mrs. Hannity while bellowing like a roped steer.

Later there is pudding. But no spoon. Spoons are for pussies.

(Added) Jesus, These people are idiots.

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