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Jeff Sessions Claims He Doesn’t Know What Empathy Is

Jeff_Sessions_official_portrait.jpgRepublicans still don’t know how to respond to Obama’s empathy requirement for the Supreme Court. Sunday, Orrin Hatch took the rather weird position that only partisan liberals possessed the ability to understand other people.

Now, check this interview with Jefferson "The KKK Ain’t That Bad" Davis Sessions:

Q: When you hear President Obama talk about nominating someone to the court who has empathy and real-world experience, do you understand what he means?

Sessions: I don’t know what he means. And it’s dangerous, because I don’t know what empathy means. So I’m one judge and I have empathy for you and not this party, and so I’m going to rule for the one I have empathy with? So what if the guy doesn’t like your haircut, or for some reason doesn’t like you, is he now free to rule one way or the other based on likes, predilections, politics, personal values?

To summarize, a judge with empathy is one who bases his legal decisions on haircuts.

Later in the interview, Jefferson pwns himself:

Q: It sounds like that’s [being refused for the federal bench in 1986] going to give you some empathy for the nominee.

Sessions: I’ve said that many times. I have a lot of empathy for the poor slob sitting down there.

Just no reasoning with these people.

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