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ABC Anchor Says He Wants to Punch Blogger “Across the Face”

Mike Rogers of PageOneQ appeared on ABC affiliate News Channel 8 in Washington, DC to discuss his appearance in the film Outrage. The news anchor Doug McKelway hadn’t seen the film and appeared to be confused about Mike’s role in the project, thinking he had actually made the film. His anger is reminiscent of. . . well, Larry Craig’s famous "I am not gay!" press conference.

As Mike said to me:

At one point I thought of saying to him, "relax girlfriend, oh I just love your bright pink pink tie."

I saw the film a couple of weeks ago with Mike and Hilary Rosen, who also appears in it (I was interviewed for it with Lane Hudson but we wound up on the cutting room floor). It’s not salacious, and those interested in an Enquirer-style expose will be disappointed.

A number of politicians talk about how torturous life in the closet was, and what a relief it was to come out. The most moving moment came when Mike talked about outing Dan Gurley, the National Field Director for the RNC.

Gurley is still angry about being outed and doesn’t support the practice, but shortly thereafter, Mike discovered Gurley was working as a gay activist. "This is why I do what I do," said Mike. His work is not motivated by an urge for personal destruction, another thing McKelway seemed incapable of grasping. He focuses on exposing hypocrisy that results in the oppression of others. Shortly before McKelway threatened to punch Mike, the ABC anchor accused him of ideological inconsistency because he didn’t expose Barney Frank for his involvement in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If that makes any sense to you, let me know.

Anyway, go see the film. It’s great, it’s actually very positive and uplifting, and if people like ABC anchor Doug McKelway find it so personally threatening that it drives them to threats of on-air physical violence, what can you say.

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