While we are seeing some phenominal progress in the New England states, thank you Maine and New Hampshire today, as well as Vermont and Iowa, there is still much work to be done.

Speaker Pelosi today said that repeal of DOMA is on a back burner, due to the economic crisis and her focus is on jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.  {link} I would ask Madam Speaker if she can't multitask.

Our President is also wavering on repealing versus changing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, as we saw over the last week when the White House website language changed from repeal to change and back to repeal again, after pressure from the blogosphere.

If our community wants to see real change from the powers that be, we need to let them know that our support and our dollars will not be something they can rely on simply because they “say” they support our cause.

It is time for payment, not lip service.  It is also time for progress.  The times have changed.  Attitudes have changed.

Contact your party reps proactively now.  Let them know that if progress is not continued, and on a national basis, that your financial support will dry up.

If the Democratic party wants to rely on the support of the LGBT community, they can put their votes on the line.  The time has never been better.