Update: Democratic Underground’s Great Gay Purge of 2009

This is a follow-up to my previous diary entry here at Pam’s House Blend.

The dust seems to have settled, and the death toll stands thus:

This list is astounding. Solon had a blog on the Democratic Underground. Yardwork served two terms as a moderator. All of us except Sheets had been around for years, and none of us (as far as we know) had a reputation for being a trouble maker. But, because we dared to stand up for our rights and assert our voice, we were summarily booted.

Solon has been kind enough to provide a full account of what kicked off the Great Gay Purge. If you have any interest, I encourage you to read it.

And Skinner (owner and chief moderator of Democratic Underground), if you are reading this, know that your efforts to shove all of this down the memory hole, by banning dissenters and disappearing threads, has failed. We have screenshots and we are gathering testimony. We cannot file suit — Democratic Underground is, after all, your private domain and you can allow whomever you want. But the overt bigotry that you have allowed to become unofficial policy will not be forgotten, no matter how desperately you try.

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