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Today Maine; Tomorrow New Hampshire?

With any luck…

Check out this new TV ad video, entitled “New Hampshire Freedom to Marry”:

BTW, Dean Barker does a fantastic job with his site regarding all issues New Hampshire- his recent discussions of Judd Gregg and David Souter, for quick examples, are thorough, informative and very well done.

New Hampshire’s battle for marriage equality has been long and complicated- Representative Jim Splaine’s overview of the past year is very thorough and well done:

IMPORTANT WORK: House Bill 436 – Marriage Equality: Bringing It Home!

by: Rep. Jim Splaine

Mon May 04, 2009 at 22:53:33 PM EDT

First, when it was introduced in mid-September, it wasn’t considered “passable.”

Then we had an excellent public hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee on February 5th, and earned a 10-10 tie vote, a position from which we could win.  The first vote on the House floor was 182-183, against.  Then after a bit more discussion, the vote was 186 to 179 in favor.

The vote in the Committee was originally 3-2 opposed to the bill, but with the determination of Senate Democrats it became a 13-11 Senate victory less than a week later.  

That was then, this is now.  We still have to bring it home.  And here’s the update:

House Bill 436 will be on the House floor this Wednesday, May 6th.  We will ask the House to “concur” with the excellent amendments put onto the bill by the Senate.  If we are able to earn concurrence, the bill then will be on its way to Governor John Lynch, who we hope will continue to listen to the growing support that marriage equality has received during all these months.

Link to NH streaming media here

C’mon in, New Hampshire! The water’s fine!

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