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Karen England Likes "Special Rights" … In Schools For Conservative "Christian" Parents

No Or Both Gender Male Female Restroom Sign - Gender Neutral Restroom Bathroom SignFrom the OneNewsNow‘s School website promotes homosexual agenda (emphasis added):

Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, says the [San Francisco Unified School District] is excluding parents on this issue.

“What about parents? Can parents opt [their child] out?” she asks. “And the explanation that they give is that, no, they can’t opt out. [They say they] are under no obligation to even let them know because this is not sex education — and that’s all the law requires [them] to do.”

England says children as young as kindergarten in the Golden State are exposed to the LGBTQ agenda through the website. “And that [includes] transgender policy that allows boys, as young as kindergarten, to go into girls’ restrooms [or to] play on girls’ sports teams if they perceive themselves to be girls,” she explains.

“And [it includes] curriculum — that is as young as kindergarten — that explains homophobia, explains the word ‘gay,'” England adds. The vocabulary link at the website also defines terms such as “bisexual,” “gender identity” (“Everyone has a gender identity,” it says), and “transgender.”

Ah yes. We don’t exclude training on heterosexual parentage from the curriculum because it’s traditional marriage embraced by conservative “Christians.”

And, even though the American Medical Association states that trans people shouldn’t be discriminated against, the American Psychological Association states that trans people shouldn’t be discriminated against, and the National Education Association believes that a great public school is a fundamental right of every child — free from intimidation and harassment, and safe for all students — including those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) — and yet Karen England of the Capitol Resource Institute believes the parents of non-LGBT children should be able to dictate, on behalf of the State of California, when the non-sexual aspects of LGBT parents and children lives should be able to be discussed in the classroom, to include bathroom use.

Should we apply the same rules for discussing the non-sexual aspects of conservative “Christian,” heterosexual parents and children too, to include bathroom use? Should I, as an LGBT taxpayer in California, be able to demand the same standards that Karen England wishes to impose on one minority population who uses the public school system on all populations who use the public school system?

Talk about wanting “special rights” … That sure sounds to me what Karen England wants for conservative “Christians” — she wants conservative “Christians” to have the special right of deciding what is acceptable and not acceptable in the school system for all students.

When conservative “Christian” Jesus is your co-pilot, I guess you can feel that as a parent you should have “special rights” over other parents and other students who aren’t in your group — right Karen?

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen