There is this right-wing extremist scam site called that is trying to fleece the gullible into thinking that the recent hate crime bill would undermine “thought crime”. That would be impossible since these people lack thought anyway.

If you believe the so-called hate crimes bill, HR 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 – that liberals quietly railroaded through the House of Representative a few days ago and is now on the fast-track to be passed in the Senate any day now – is NOT an imminent threat to YOUR way of life… you MUST read this letter.

If you believe that HR 1913 DOESN’T affect you, or your family or your way of life because you don’t “hate” anyone… what you are about to read may disturb and shock you.

If you believe that those who claim that HR 1913 will lay the foundation for the persecution of any and all people who simply reject the most radical aspects of the gay agenda or sincerely believe that marriage is between a man and a woman are wearing tin-foil hats… the you REALLY NEED to read this letter.

If you think it’s a gross exaggeration to say that opposition to the radical gay agenda will be effectively CRIMINALIZED and American society will see an unprecedented uprising of militant homosexuals demanding that anyone who speaks against their agenda be hauled off to jail… think again.

At the risk of using cheap clichés; THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT LETTER YOU EVER READ.

In fact… you not only need to read this letter… you also need to take action… and only after you have read this letter and taken action, YOU NEED TO FORWARD THIS LETTER TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW.

Kevin Theriot with the Alliance Defense Fund claims that HR 1913 SERVES ONLY ONE PURPOSE:

“So-called ‘hate crime’ laws actually serve only one purpose: The criminalization of citizens based on whatever thoughts, beliefs, and emotions they have that are not considered to be ‘politically correct.’ No one should fall for the idea that this bill does anything to bring about greater justice for Americans.”

But Theriot is not entirely correct. HR 1913 won’t simply CRIMINALIZE YOUR THOUGHTS, it may also DECRIMINALIZE things like pedophilia and a host of other criminal perversions.

Congressman Louie Gohmert, a former judge, recounts to Human Events, with obvious disgust, what happened when House Republicans simply tried to amend HR 1913 so it did NOT OFFER PROTECTION TO PEDOPHILES.

Take the time to read these statements… the sheer absurdity of what Gohmert describes will make your skin crawl.

“‘When we tried to get the term sexual orientation narrowed down to where it didn’t include something like a pedophile… that was voted down on party lines… there are about 30 different types of sexual orientations, and they can include exhibitionism and voyeurism or things that are so offensive such as pedophilia or necrophilia and bestiality. The problem is that the supporters of this bill did not want to exclude any of those and even voted down the amendment that would have excluded pedophilia.'”

“Gohmert pointed out the absurdity of the legislation as written which would warrant the prosecution of a woman under the federal hate crimes statues if she hits a flasher with her purse after he exposed himself to her. Exhibitionism is a protected sexual orientation under this bill.

“‘The one who did the flashing committed a local misdemeanor,’ Gohmert said. ‘The one who hit with the purse singled him out because he’s an exhibitionist, and therefore she has now committed a federal hate crime and is looking at felony time.'”

You read that right. And yes, if you keep reading, it gets EVEN WORSE.

The Senate may vote on HR 1913 any day now. The time to make your voice heard is now.

1. How would the hate crime bill decriminalize pedophilia? It’s the typical, ignorant comparison of homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality. The only thing those four acts have in common is that they are all performed by some right-wing extremists in private (don’t tell the kids).

Yes Virginia, There Actually IS A Radical Homosexual Agenda.

A great many things started coming out of the woodwork not too long ago when the voters of California voted on Proposition 8, a very simply amendment that affirms that marriage is between one man and one woman.

As that battle started to pick up steam, David Benkof wrote the following in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. As you read the quote below, keep in mind that Benkof is no “right-wing extremist.” Actually, he’s been a “gay-activist” for over a decade.

“For the past two weeks, I have been contacting ‘marriage equality’ leaders all over California to ask about the impact of redefining marriage on religious freedom. All, including several prominent lesbian and gay legislators and other leaders, have refused to disclose their opinions, some repeatedly.”

“Although California marriage-equality leaders won’t say what impact they expect the new decision to have on religious freedom, activists in other states haven’t been so shy. Openly gay Washington state Sen. Ed Murray, D-Seattle, and a representative of the largest Michigan gay-rights group, the Triangle Foundation, have both told me that people who continue to act as if marriage is a union between a man and a woman should face being fined, fired and even jailed until they relent.”

Conservative activist, and former homosexual, James Hartline, offered this insider’s view:

“The Mechanical Eye states this is an imaginary threat: That is what the gay movement would like all Californians to believe right now.”

“Well, I have absolute evidence that a number of homosexual entities are already planning to sue pastors who refuse to perform same-sex weddings. The ACLU is biting at the bit, as they have done for the past four decades, to sue anyone who refuses to perform the same marriages that are provided to heterosexual couples.”

And just in case you’re thinking that Benkof and Hartline are engaging in mere supposition or repeating the hollow threats of others, consider that many states and localities already have hate crime laws on the books and these laws are abused regularly.

Here’s Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, quoted in

“‘We’ve seen charges brought by homosexuals against a video reproduction business in Virginia, a medical clinic in California, an adoption service in Arizona and a church in New Jersey,’ he continued. ‘Colorado tops them all on the potential outrage meter, however, because in addition to civil fines and penalties, small-business owners can be prosecuted under the criminal laws of Colorado and spend up to one year in jail for trying to live according to their faith.'”

And you might remember the case of the Philadelphia 11.

A group of Christians (which included grandmothers and young people) were arrested on a variety of charges that carried prison terms of up to 47 years. Their “crime”? They staged a peaceful protest at a Philadelphia “gay fest.” Incredibly, a state judge got around the First Amendment and determined that the prosecutions could go forward by asserting that the Christians’ speech constituted “fighting words.”

Of course you didn’t read about these incidents (as well as many others) in your local paper or hear about these incidents on the nightly news. The same Mainstream Media that either ignored or ridiculed the TEA Parties that recently took place across the nation simply won’t report on such things.

And don’t expect any help from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Janet Napolitano’s DHS apparently believes that YOU are a terrorist… a danger to the nation that must be carefully watched.

2. They used a quote from Hartline. That’s a loss to GTUSA’s credibility.

3. They still whine about what happened to RepentAmerica? There is a good reason why they were arrested. It was not peaceful. The charges were a little extreme for a couple of arrogant beings acting stupid behind the megaphone.

Also in this article, the stuff with Miss California, claim of a “homosexual agenda”, and the firings of racist Cynthia Dixon and Bam-Bam Barber.

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