Malcolm in a muddle

Andrew Malcolm misses minstrel shows

Former Laura Bush press secretary and current embarrassment at the LA Times, Andrew Malcolm catches one of those White House negroes shooting off his mouth (as opposed to shooting a picture or, you know, voting) and he now has proof that MSNBC is totally crushing on that slick urbanite who smoove-talked his way into a civil service job:

For some inexplicable reason having to do with who knows what, a widespread impression has grown among many politics fans that MSNBC and its crowd of talkers — including Chris "Thrill Up My Leg" Matthews, Norah "The GOP Is Doomed to Die" O’Donnell and Ed "It’s Time to Grind Them Into the Ground" Schultz — are somewhat in favor of President Obama.

Well, actually in complete love with the Great Change Agent.

Now, thanks to the ubiquitous cameras of C-SPAN, comes official videoed word from Kareem Dale, special assistant to the president for arts and culture and a key White House advisor on disability policy.

At the 1:51 mark of this video, Dale candidly reveals the new administration’s reciprocal feelings. Hint: Apparently the new White House has a popular internal saying involving the words "love" and "MSNBC."

Of course if you were to watch the video like Andrew did on his "television box" you would note that the first minute and a half of the video is a rambling yet complimentary introduction of Kareem Dale by Joe Scarborough while Joe’s sidekick Mika Brzezinski lives up to her name by meekly smiling and nodding. Now there might be an outside chance that Dale was returning the compliment to Scarborough by referencing the former Republican congressman’s 3 hour show on MSNBC but, you know, when you have  a black guy with name like Kareem talking you really have to take what those people say with a grain of salt.

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