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Freeway Rick Ross is on the Fast Track to TV Redemption

Freeway Rick Ross had a great nickname. An appropriate nickname, considering he was zooming around the LA basin making millions of dollars selling something new, something powerful—crack cocaine.

Positioned as THE kingpin of the 1980s crack cocaine explosion, Ross got his cheap blow from two Contra-affiliated Nicaraguans, Norwin Meneses and Danilo Blandon. He was “networking” with two suddenly powerful gangs—the Crips and the Bloods—who were, in turn, buying automatic weapons from a former CIA contract agent.

But you probably already knew that, right?

Well, Gary Webb did.

Webb broke the CIA-Contra-Ross-Crack axis in his series for the San Jose Mercury News in 1996, but ended up as a pariah in the mainstream media. His story was all but retracted by the Merc. The MSM brushed him aside as a crank and conspiracy theorist. The CIA issued a report that was sold in a John Deutsch press conference as exoneration for the Company regarding all Contra drug matters. But Webb’s colleague and friend, Robert Parry (he broke many early Iran-Contra stories), actually read the whole report and found that much of what Webb claimed was admitted in the CIA’s report.

It’s just that the media didn’t report what was actually in the report.

Webb’s life crashed.

Shortly after Poppy’s son took (and I do mean "took") office, Webb was found dead…the victim of an apparent suicide.

But Ross lived on. Doing his time. Starting a blog. And retaining a memory vault of secrets that tantalize those of us who have waited for the truth about the CIA-Crack connection to finally break through. Waiting for this uber-scandal to finally get the coverage the MSM never seems to want to give.

Ross speaking out…that would do it, right?

Don’t hold your breath.

It turns out that Freeway is going to land on his feet. His release date was finally set last week, and he’s got plans. Looks like his release from prison is going to be the subject of a reality show.

Yes. The man who was instrumental in shifting cocaine from an expensive habit of White Yuppies to a cheap, accessible ultra-addictive poison targeted at poor urban Blacks…well, he’s going to be a TV star.

It’s fitting, really.

Ollie North, the man who, according to Webb’s book "Dark Alliance," was running many of these covert fun and games is, like Ross is soon to be, a TV star. He’s fronted many programs, and collects a nice check from Fox for his "War Stories" agitprop bonanza. North’s qualifications include running a mysterious fleet of fishing boats during the Contra escapade. Boats rumored to have been moving cheap cocaine. Who knew that Ollie was a top secret Gorton’s fisherman?

So, Rick is going to follow in Ollie’s footsteps. He’ll get some more fame. Build up a little fortune. Trade in his "celebrity," rather than a new form of cocaine. And, I think we can easily assume, he’ll keep his mouth shut. Why wouldn’t he? Isn’t that the price? Go along to get along. Get your own show. And ride off into the television sunset, astride a horse of virtual redemption on a reality show.

Maybe, after he ups his name recognition, the GOP can enlist him to run for Senator. He certainly is qualified.

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